Dream, Design, Enjoy

Our New Remodeling Projects will give you the Addition of your Dreams

Imagine yourself weeks or months from now, following the completion of a new remodeling project.

Are you preparing a meal in your fabulously styled kitchen? Are you enjoying a relaxing shower in a five-star bathroom?

Are your dinner guests snapping photos of the living room?

Each of these daydreams is a wonderful reverie. And they each begin with a simple phone call to ATW Construction, LLC.

Remodeling & Home Addition Morgantown, WV

Daydream no more!

Let ATW Construction renew your favorite home space in Morgantown, WV. We make the process easy. Boasting 30 years of construction experience, our owner and operator can assist you with the entire design process. Let us help you live in the home you've always wanted!

You can trust ATW for your:

  • Kitchen remodel
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Whole-house remodel
  • Room addition
  • Basement renovation

Hire us for your Morgantown & Brookhaven, West Virginia home addition. Call ATW Construction at 304-614-6650 to schedule a free estimate.